Announcing EDHREC for Tiny Leaders!

Here at EDHREC, we are a small and community supported team so unfortunately we really have a hard time prioritizing what we should be working on. There are so many cool things we could be spending our time on and we sometimes have a really hard time figuring out which thing is next! Well today, […]

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EDHREC News Update — Starting a "Brawl" With Your Buddies

BREAKING NEWS(kinda...): Wizards of the Coast announces new "Brawl," format starting with release of Dominaria, a new singleton format using Standard legal Cards. There, now that we got the "official," sounding stuff out of the way, welcome back to another news update at EDHREC. As you all may have seen recently, Wizards of the Coast […]

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MTGO 1v1 Ban Update — Tutors, Scrap Metal, and Tunes

So we received a pretty big shakeup to the 1v1 Commander format for MTGO. Tutors were hit hard, and tutor commanders were taken off the list. Let's take a look into these bannings and unbannings and what it means for MTGO 1v1 Commander. Bringing Down the Hammer! Cards Added to the Banned List Baral, Chief […]

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EDHREC News Update 4/24/17

Welcome to our first news update here at EDHREC. Since we want to become your one stop shop for all things EDH we wanted to give you a quick rundown of recent events in the EDH world. Yesterday was a huge day for us! In case you missed it, here is a link to the […]

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