Gathering The Magic - 10 BEST Orzhov Commanders in MTG! | 2024 UPDATE! | Magic The Gathering EDH

#magicthegathering #edh #orzhov #mtg Get 30% OFF Paramint Playmats - GTM Linktree - Sign up with & use referral code 'Gathering-The-Magic' to help support the channel! Any video ideas you'd love to see? - Music used in this video... –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Voyage by LEMMiNO Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported— CC […]

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The Command Zone - Karlov Manor Precon Upgrades & Comparison | Deadly Disguise vs Revenant Recon | The Command Zone 587

Support the show and become a Patron! Be a part of our community, receive awesome rewards, and more! -------- Show Notes: What’s better than one precon upgrade? TWO PRECON UPGRADES! This episode, we’re premiering our new side-by-side upgrade and comparison format, where we bring you 10-card improvements (at a $50 budget) for double the […]

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Cut-Rate Commander - Cut-Rate Commander | Blame Game Precon Upgrade Guide

Buy Me a Coffee - GameNerdz Affiliate Link - Cut-Rate Commander - Precon Upgrade Guide for the Blame Game Precon from Murders at Karlov Manor & its commander - Nelly Borca, Impulsive Accuser #mtg #edh #commander #mtgKarlov Hey folks! Submitted for your approval, we have the 1st precon upgrade guide for Murders at […]

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Commander Cookout - Everything to Know About MTG Clue/Set Review | Commander Cookout Podcast 416 | Casual | EDH | MTG

It's all about Clue on January's bonus episode of Commander Cookout. Come hear our thoughts on Magic's latest Universes Beyond release. It was Uncle Brando's favorite childhood board game! Huge thank you to our sponsors, Fusion Gaming Online. They’re your source for all of your gaming needs. You can find them here: You want […]

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Commander VS - Fan Requests | Commander VS | Magic: the Gathering Gameplay

The Commander VS guys are back with another episode featuring YOUR decks! Commander VS 376 | Season 35 Episode 5 Yurlok of Scorch Thrash vs Syr Ginger, the Meal Ender vs Rowan, Scion of War vs Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath Submit your decks using this form for a chance to see it played […]

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eedi-H - Judith Carnage Connoisseur Commander Deck Tech

Judith Carnage Connoisseur Commander Deck Tech ✅ Decklist: ✅ Patreon: ✅ Twitter: ✅ Discord: Download Magic Online (MTGO): 🎵 Music: MTGA Lost Caverns of Ixalan #mtgo #tribalkai #EDH #CMDR #Commander #MTG Thank you for watching this video! tribalkai

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Revenant Recon Upgrade Guide

Revenant Recon Upgrade Guide

It's time to upgrade Revenant Recon, the preconstructed deck from Karlov Manor. Come see what cards we added to improve this list.

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Murders at Karlov Manor Set Review - Green

Revenant Recon Precon Review

Revenant Recon Precon Review

Let's take a look at Revenant Recon, the Dimir preconstructed deck from Karlov Manor. How do you play it? Is it worth buying? Find out here.

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Into the 99 - Synergy Versus Combo | Discussion | Into The 99 podcast

On this weeks episode Daniel, Brian, Sherman and Slothy talk about building with combos or synergy. This was a really fun topic to discuss and get thoughts on let us know what you think ! Do you play combos ? Patreon: Looking for some cards but they're too expensive? Check out our Friends over […]

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