Singleton Guild Wheel — Simic Edition

Introducing the EDH Guild Wheel and Ezuri, Claw of Progress This article is Part 1 of a 10 part series covering the Singleton Guild Wheel Project, a 10 deck project in which there is only a single copy of any non-basic land among the 10 decks. Each deck is in the color combination of a […]

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EDH Political Science — Doomsday, Deterrence, and Dr. Strangelove

Commander is magic’s dark alleyway. It can be filled with the dangerous and unexpected or it is the long boring way to get to the same place. There is no reason to let your games become boring. You can always be unexpected and dangerous. In a game of no-holds-barred, multifaceted politics, be the maniacal dictator. […]

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Underdog's Corner, Round — Arjun, the Shifting Flame

This article is round 1 of the Underdog's Corner, a series spotlighting various lesser-used commanders and their place in the format. Each article I will make the argument for a single commander that I believe deserves to see more play as well as highlighting key cards and synergies. Hello, everyone! My name is Mason, and […]

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I Am the Worst

Hello, I am a Commander player who likes to make it so my opponents cannot play or enjoy the game. I enjoy increasing mana costs and forcing opponents to skip their untap phase. I am a person who plays cards like Winter Orb and Stasis. I am the worst. Don't be like me. I am […]

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Intellectual Offering — Breya, Etherium Shaper

That’s right; Commander 2016 is here, and that means it’s time to proclaim your favorite commander as fast as possible lest someone else in your playgroup snaps them up. Time to begin the never-ending process of tweaking and reassembling that comes with a new deck. Everyone has their opinion of what cuts to make and […]

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EDHREC on the Commanderin' Podcast

Donald was a guest on the Commanderin' Podcast on 7/17/16. Check out the full episode at this link.   Our Eternal Masters contest details are here: Donald Miner, owner and programmer of EDHREC.COM, comes commanderin’ to talk about his web site. We talk about how this useful came to be, and take a peek […]

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EDHREC on The Command Zone Podcast

Donald was a guest on The Command Zone podcast on 7/7/15. Check out the full episode here or watch on YouTube at this link.   We’re joined by Donald Miner, creator of, to discuss Commander statistics. Who’s the most popular general? What color is played the most? The least? Find out! Where to Find […]

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Budget Zedruu the Greathearted — EDH / Commander : DONATION

What could be more fun than giving your opponents gifts they could never want? Well this budget Zedruu the Greathearted deck lets you be as generous as you like and win the game too! The best part? Other than the commander, all cards are under a dollar! Decklist ► Subscribe ► Facebook ► […]

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