The 99 - A Betterer Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle w/Stickers! | Live Deck Tech & Gameplay | MTG Commander CEDH

Follow Local Game Group on our other socials here: Purchase your cards at TCGplayer! (Affiliate): Join the Discord: - Welcome to LGG! Today we're brewing Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle from Magic: The Gathering! - The Original: The Improved: One Moment Please... - Chapters: 00:00:00 - Show Before The Show! One Moment Please... […]

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One More Mana - Card Bans Against Friends | Magic: the Gathering Commander | Commander Center #164

Yooo! The Mana Squad is a having an impromptu intervention to rant about the cards we would ban from one another's Commander decks. Support the show and become a Patron! Check out our most recent episode: Top 5 One Sentence Commanders Buy your Singles and more from TCG Player using our referral link: […]

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Commander Cookout - Kambal, Profiteering Mayor | Orzhov| Decktech & Guide | Commander Cookout Podcast 432 | MTG | EDH

Commander in a Cowboy hat continues as we take a look at the most Selesnia Orzhov deck there ever was! Join us to see how we make huge amounts of tokens, pump them up and crash into our opponents with them. And, the dirty ways that Brando approves up to control the board... You […]

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Brew For Your Buck - Gitrog Ravenous Ride on a Budget

Build a budget graveyard deck with this Outlaws of Thunder Junction commander!

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eedi-H - Kambal Profiteering Mayor Steals Your Tokens! | MTGO Commander Gameplay | tribalkai

Kambal Profiteering Mayor Steals Your Tokens! MTGO Commander Gameplay ✅ Decklist: ✅ Patreon: ✅ Twitter: ✅ Discord: Download Magic Online (MTGO): 🎵 Music: MTGA Outlaws of Thunder Junction #mtgo #tribalkai #EDH #CMDR #Commander #MTG Thank you for watching this video! tribalkai

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Commander Kompass - Eine Wendung zum Guten! Was macht Magic jetzt besser als zuvor? | #174 Commander Kompass

Manche Mechaniken klingen erstmal cool, sind's dann aber leider so gar nicht... Ganz anders ergeht's Marius, Freddy und Jochen aber mit den Mechaniken und Tribals aus dieser Folge. Aspekte, die das Spieltempo beeinflussen, unsere Commander vielfältiger machen oder Kartentypen und Deckideen pushen, die sonst eher nicht so im Vordergrund stehen: diese hier können auf jeden […]

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The Commander Tavern - Taii Wakeen, Perfect Shot | Burn - The Brewery [S11E20]

Wanna see Taii Wakeen turn trash cards into treasure? Look no further! Here's the link to the decklist: Twitter: Tweets by CommanderTavern Patreon: Discord: TCGPlayer affiliate link: ------------------------------------------- Music used in the video is a loop of "Fireside Tales", a song provided by Darren Curtis. Thanks, Darren! -------------------------------------------

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Into the 99 - Eriette, Aura Of Control

On this week's episode we go over a budget Eriette deck! This Esper deck utilizes a lot of recurring auras to take control of the game. You won't want to miss this one ! Tell us if we missed something?! deck list below Find all our content here: Patreon: Check out these […]

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MTG Muddstah - Myrkul vs Ninth Doctor & Adric vs Rasaad vs Xyris EDH / CMDR game play

⚔️Get 10% off of fees when you use Card Conduit here: ⚔️ 🔥My Dragon Shield referral link:🔥 💥Save 5% off of your first order of singles or sealed products when you use the code MTGMUDDSTAH at 401 Games (💥 ►Here's where you can join the Generic Goblin Gang: ►Join this channel to […]

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Dead On Board - Wheeling, Dealing, and Game Stealing - Cedh Gameplay - Mothman Vs Kinnan Vs Heliod Vs Rielle

A new game of Cedh, see who will take victory and who will just end up dead on board Patreon: MERCH!!! Liked the video? Click here to subscribe Discord: Twitter: Deck Lists: Mothman: Kinnan: Heliod: Rielle: Music from Stream Beats: This Slaps Don't mind this Wheeling, […]

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