Competitive Nature — Rafiq of the Many

Welcome back! This week, we look to beef up another “average” deck to make it more competitive. EDH offers several different avenues to attack. Last time, we looked at Karador, Ghost Chieftain where the objective was to quickly assemble a combo that leveraged our graveyard and kill all our opponents in one continuous loop. The deck […]

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Underdog's Corner — Yasova Dragonclaw

This article is Round 2 of the Underdog’s Corner, a series spotlighting various lesser-used commanders and their place in the format. Each article makes the argument for a single commander that deserves more play, as well as highlight key cards and synergies. Good news, everyone! In the previous article, I described my affinity for the underdog using one of […]

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There is a Better Version.dec

The number of times I've built a Commander deck, sleeved it up and brought it to Magic night, ready to drop it on some unsuspecting friends/foes only to have someone remark about my awesome deck, “You know there's a better version of X” or “Why don't you just run X instead?” is TOO DAMN HIGH. […]

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Non-Basically Speaking — Atraxa, Praetors' Voice

Non-Basically Speaking - Atraxa, Praetors' Voice

Hello friends and fellow brewmasters, welcome back to EDHREC and the second installment of Non-Basically Speaking. This article series strives to identify non-basic lands that could be recognized as valuable staples or hidden gems in accordance with their visibility on EDHREC. Assuming that the average reader has successfully tuned their decks with regards to mana […]

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Singleton Guild Wheel Project — Tajic and the Boros Singleton Legion

This article is Part 2 of a 10 part series covering the Singleton Guild Wheel Project, a 10 deck project which contains only a single copy of any non-basic land among the 10 decks. Each deck is in the color combination of a different Ravnican guild. The methodology is introduced here and expanded upon each week featuring a […]

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Intellectual Offering — Vial & Thrasios

Last week we introduced the idea of the Precon Effect wherein a card's occurrence in a deck list is perpetuated by its initial inclusion in one of the preconstructed commander decks. Players entering their nearly unaltered pre-constructed decks into Tappedout or Deckstats databases increases the occurrence of those cards in the list and makes them more likely […]

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Combo Corner - Reveillark and Karmic Guide

Hello, I’m Patrick, and I’m a combo addict. I know what you’re thinking; how can someone like me, who has been playing Magic: The Gathering for over 15 years, be so single-minded in his want to brew only the jankiest of combos? I wish I had an answer for you, but I do know how […]

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Rogue One A Star Wars Story on Commanderin' MTG Podcast

Howdy folks! Nate and Phil welcome Andy Hull, co-host of Commanders' Brew and EDHREC article fame, to the show to talk about Star Wars Rogue One. We don't talk much Commander, but this might be one of the best shows we've recorded! (Also, we report on the mystery of Sean's location...) Thanks, Phil, Nate, […]

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Dig Through Time — Invasion

Hello there, I'm Dean Gootee and welcome to the Dig Through Time series! Like so many readers I started playing Magic: The Gathering at a friend’s kitchen table. I had dabbled a bit in school, but it wasn't until Scars of Mirrodin block that I was hooked. I quickly discovered that my favorite part of the game was pouring through […]

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Trinkets & Tools — Birthing Pod

Hello everyone! My name is Dom, and I'm primarily an EDH and Draft player. I played Magic on and off since the original Mirrodin block up until Lorwyn, but then took a long break until I came back for good right before Theros. My favorite aspect of the game is brewing, and I think that is […]

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