Budget Jhoira of the Ghitu — EDH / Commander : BOARDWIPES

Control the battlefield by constantly obliterating the your opponent's creatures until your own massive land, sea and sky monsters arrive to make short work of your defenseless foes. Watch our budget Jhoira of the Ghitu commander deck tech for the play strategy and thought process behind each card. The best part? Other than the commander, […]

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Commander VS - Commander Vs S2E3: Ayli vs Kozilek vs Tazri vs Mina and Denn [MtG: Multiplayer]

The Battle for Zendikar rages on in Oath of the Gatewatch and what better way to engage in the right than with Commander! Join Commander Vs as we battle with the newest legends from Oath of the Gatewatch! Will Kozilek and it's follower Ayli continue to ravage Zendikar or can General Tazri and Mina and […]

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