Wombo Combo - Best Sultai Combos in EDH

Achievement Unlocked - Building With a Deck Restriction

SplitSecond - Kenrith, Ashaya, Jorn, Grenzo - #cEDH Gameplay Ep 122

This week we have some crazy lists including Maze's End, Doomsday, Stasis and much much more! Tune in! 🎲 Buy the best Sleeves and products for your decks at Dragon Shield 🎲 🎲 https://www.dragonshield.com/webshop/?aff=49 🎲 🎧 Our discord https://discord.gg/drdkPpdYKj 🎧 ❂ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SplitSecondEDH ❂ ❂ Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/splitsecondmtg/ ❂ ❂ […]

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The 600 - A Review of Kaldheim Commanders

NeoRoyal - (EDH) Ripley Vance Vs Tayam Vs Jorn Vs Xyris - Commander Gameplay Ep.74 (Queen Mab & Kingdoms TV!)

Finally! Welcome to Episode 74 of commander gameplay! Second episode trying out the original voices over the narration and this one made me work for it, hope you enjoy! Also, happy new year 🙂 Our guests for today are Mab the Queen and Carlos from Kingdoms TV You can find Mab the Queen here : […]

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Staple Remover — Seedborn Muse

KingdomsTV - Jorn v Ishai & Reyhan v Niv-Mizzet v Kediss & Malcolm | S2:E10 | Diamond Commander League | MTG EDH

Greed: noun - intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food. "Magic players who had allowed greed to overtake their principles" Monthly Achievements The Last Snow - 5 HP - Control a Snow Land and a non-land snow permanent Herald's Mark - 5HP - Own 2+ planeswalker emblems during your upkeep X […]

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One More Mana - Game of Thrones Commander Deck Tech | Theme-atic Compass | Episode 1

On this episode we explore the world of Game of thrones. More specifically the Stark family. TCGPlayer Affiliate Link: https://www.tcgplayer.com/?partner=onemoremana&utm_campaign=affiliate&utm_medium=onemoremana&utm_source=onemoremana Mana Squad Merch: https://one-more-mana.creator-spring.com/ Support us on: https://www.patreon.com/manasquad?fan_landing=true Twitter: https://twitter.com/ManaSquad​​​​​ #edh #mtg #gameofthrones

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Commander VS - Fan Requested Commanders | MTG Commander Gameplay | Commander VS 239

Fresh MTG Commander gameplay comin' your way! You picked 'em, now we're gonna play 'em - get ready for Jorn, God of Winter VS Kurkesh, Onakke Ancient VS Horobi, Death's Wail VS Lord of Tresserhorn on the season finale of Commander VS! Are you on team Justin, Jeremy, Stephen, or Jonathan? Let us know in […]

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Jake and Joel are Magic - Jorn, God of Winter | EDH Three Ways [Commander Strategies for Every Player] Snow Kaldheim

Support us on Patreon! https://bit.ly/326f4jC Jorn, God of Winter is a new Sultai, Snow Commander, joining the Magic: the Gathering multiverse, from MTG's newest set, Kaldheim. In this video of Jake and Joel are Magic, Joel offers 3 different strategies (for every player) for building Jorn, each doing its best to utilize this new Snow […]

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