Nearly Identical - Hazezon, Shaper of Sand or Yuma, Proud Protector?

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Do Your Worst - Boros Landfall

Too-Specific Top 10 - White Landfall

Jumbo Commander - Standard Rotation makes me want to BUY OLD CARDS

Price drops at rotation are not as prevalent as they used to be but I still look back at rotation to cards that I need for my collection instead of spewing money at the newest cardboard. Sponsored by COOLSTUFFINC: "Jumbo5" saves you 5% Music by HeatlyBros! #MTG

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Solve the Equation – How to Tell if a Strategy Has Enough Support by Using Deck Templates

Solve the Equation – Token-Making Ratios

Power Sink - Najeela: Mean Girl(s)

Commander Cookout - Eight-and-a-Half-Tails | MONO-WHITE LANDFALL | CCO Podcast 274 | EDH | MtG | CMDR

This week, we look at a very non-traditional mono-white landfall deck. We answer all the questions you might have. Can we land hard enough? Can we keep up on cards? Can we control the board? Can we slap lips?! Join us to see how we make out. Huge thank you to our sponsors, Fusion Gaming […]

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Power Sink - Chulane: The White Album