Top 10 Artifact Creatures

Singleton Shmingleton - Servant of the Scale

Do Your Worst - Mono-Green Artifacts

Commander Mechanic - Can AFFINITY work in EDH? 🛠 Silas Renn & Tymna Artifact Combo 🛠 Iconic Decklist Challenge

#Commander #Magicthegathering #IconicDecklistChallenge Our friends at @The Mind Sculptors invited us - and many other creators - to explore deck lists and archetypes from Magic's history, to see if they can translate to high-power EDH. Be sure to check out ALL of the Iconic Decklist deck techs - with gameplay coming soon! On Commander Mechanic […]

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Replacement Commanders - Reanimator Boros from the Weatherlight's Hero

Mind Bend - Colorless Sunburst